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Be clutter-free in '23


Create a calm and peaceful home, a system to keep things in order and find your items in two minutes or less. Don't know where to start or what to do with all your stuff? Let me be your guide. 



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"I was surprised and didn't think I'd have a good time going through all my stuff."

K. Orla, Executive Assistant

"I couldn't believe how much space I had once we went through everything". 

J. Moog, Teacher

"Organizing is not my thing, but  I know who to call when I need it done.

E. Truman, Business Owner



      1.  When you start to organize, use three different bags; black for garbage, white for donations, and clear for recycling. 


      2. ​ Ask yourself, "Do I love it, use it or need it? or "Would I buy this again?"


      3.  If it's difficult to decide, place it in a bag or box with the current date written on it and put it away. Write down on your calendar to look at it in 3-6

           months. If you didn't take it out of the box on the date you chose, let it go.


      4. Give yourself much grace; decision-making is hard work!


      5. Once you're done, even with the littlest win, celebrate that you're closer to living the life you love. 





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